Golden Visa Spain: What is it and Requirements

31 January 2024
Golden Visa Spain: What is it and Requirements

Golden Visa Spain: What is it and Requirements

In the fascinating world of real estate investment in Spain, the Golden Visa stands out as an exclusive opportunity for international investors. In this extensive article from Costasur Estates, we will explore in detail what the Golden Visa Spain is and the requirements needed to obtain it. In addition, we will discover the impact of this visa on the Malaga real estate market and how Costasur Estates can be your ally in this exciting journey towards residency in Spain.

What is the Golden Visa Spain?

The Golden Visa is a program that grants foreign investors the possibility of obtaining residency in Spain through investments, with the real estate sector being one of the most attractive options. This program, designed to encourage foreign investment, provides a fast and efficient path to obtaining residency in Spain and, eventually, citizenship.

Requirements to Obtain the Golden Visa in Spain

Golden Visa Spain requirements:

1. Minimum Investment

To be eligible for the Golden Visa, a minimum investment in Spanish assets is required. The investment can be made in real estate, shares of Spanish companies, bank deposits, or other types of assets. In the context of real estate investment, this is a particularly relevant aspect.

2. Real Estate in Spain

One of the most popular options for meeting investment requirements is to acquire real estate in Spain. The minimum investment in real estate to obtain the Golden Visa varies, and our team at Costasur Estates can advise you on the options available in the Malaga property market.

3. Demonstrate Sufficient Funds

In addition to the specific investment, applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support themselves and their dependents during their stay in Spain.

4. Health Insurance

It is mandatory to have public or private health insurance in Spain. This requirement ensures that Golden Visa recipients have access to healthcare services during their stay in the country.

5. Criminal Record

Applicants must submit a criminal record certificate from both their home country and any country where they have resided for the past five years.

Investing in Malaga: A Step Towards the Golden Visa

Real Estate Market in Malaga

The real estate market in Malaga stands as an attractive option to meet investment requirements. With the help of Costasur Estates, experts on the Costa del Sol, finding the perfect property that fits your needs and investment requirement will be a smooth task.

Real Estate Investment in Malaga

Investing in real estate in Malaga not only meets the requirements of the Golden Visa, but also offers a potentially lucrative return. The city, with its Mediterranean charm, attracts investors from all over the world, establishing itself as a key destination for those looking to establish themselves in Spain.

Costasur Estates: Your Partner on the Road to the Golden Visa

As a leading real estate agency on the Costa del Sol, Costasur Estates specialises in facilitating the real estate investment process for those looking to obtain the Golden Visa in Spain. With a team of agents specialising in the Malaga property market, we are committed to offering personalised service and expert guidance every step of the way.

Living in Spain with the Golden Visa

The Golden Visa Spain is distinguished by being the only residence permit that grants the opportunity to live for an initial 3 years in Spain to its holder. Surprisingly, in order to obtain this visa, physical residence in Spanish territory is not required, defying the traditional definition that implies residing in the country for more than 183 days in the year. This innovative feature provides flexibility to international investors, allowing them to enjoy their new life in Spain without rigorous continuous residency commitments.


In conclusion, the Golden Visa Spain is an exclusive gateway for international investors, and real estate investment in Malaga is presented as an attractive option to meet the requirements. With the experience of Costasur Estates and the beauty of the Costa del Sol as a backdrop, the opportunity to settle in Spain is within your reach. Contact us today and let Costasur Estates be your key to success and the Golden Visa on the Costa del Sol!

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